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Facility Engineering System is one of the leading suppliers of plastic pipeworks systems in Pakistan. We supply some of the leading brands in plastic piping like PALING, HP Trend (Hydroplast), Magnaplast etc.

We have ready stock of pipe & fittings for drainage, sewerage, hot & cold water distribution, rainwater etc. Our products are accurately designed and formulated to consistently and continously exceed the performance aspects of widely recognised standards.

PPR-C Pipe & Fittings

for hot and cold water distribution, more

uPVC Pipe & Fittings

for soil, waste, vent piping systems, more

uPVC Pipe & Fittings

for underground drainage systems, more

Inspection Chambers

for underground drainage systems, more

uPVC Pipe & Fittings

for Pressure Piping System cold water, more


galvanic self-cleaning Water Treatment System, more

Featured Products

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uPVC Pipe & Fittings

For Soil, waste & Vent System

PPR-C Pipe & Fittings

For Hot & Cold Water Distribution

uPVC Pipe & Fittings

For Underground Drainage System

PVC Pipe & Fittings

For Pressure Systems


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